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Our Mission Statement

S.A.F.E Harbor Homes, Inc. provides its residents a home that is the Same As a Family Enviornment.


This enviornment is created by having a positive home-like experience and the most caring and skilled staff

in the Northland. 


In this safe and home-like enviornment, cared for by compassionate professionals, each individual will have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and have a quality living experience.

Services  We Provided

S.A.F.E Harbor Homes, Inc. provides individual care and treatment while meeting all state and county requirements. S.A.F.E Harbor Homes, Inc. is comitted to helping each client reach their highest level of independence. Its staff along with a network of social workers, gaurdians, doctors and others important to the well-being of the client will insure a successful life experience for those under its care. S.A.F.E Harbor Homes, Inc. and this care network will meet the different needs of the individual clients. 

Our Goals

To advocate for each client that chooses S.A.F.E Harbor Homes, Inc. as their home.


Maintaina skilled and caring staff so that the clients are insured a safe and enriched living enviornment.


Insure proper placement so that each client recieves the best possible care and a living enviornment that they enjoy.


Treat each client as an individual and determine needs on an individual basis.


Build a strong service network and professional relationship. 

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